The Finest Custom Floor Mats For Corvette Since 1978
The Great American Sports Car, A Fine Heritage


Premium 2 ply nylon yarn is densely tufted in a 32oz. per square yard construction, providing a long lasting carpet face. Four layers of backing, finished with Lloyd’s TractionBac™ SBR rubber, creates the necessary stiffness, moisture barrier, and strength to ensure years of service.

  • Heat set, twisted 2 ply nylon for density, and crush resistance
  • Premium continuous filament yarn
  • Continuous cloth edge binding can’t unravel
  • Optional marine grade vinyl binding material in contrasting colors
  • Factory compatible anchoring devices, or Lloyd’s proprietary
    anchor hooks keep mats firmly in place
  • Over 50 factory-complementary interior colors
  • Computer-driven cutting process insures precise, consistent
  • Larger with greater floor coverage and protection than factory
  • Custom fit Corvette mats for all Corvette models from 1953 to present and
    virtually all vehicles sold in the U.S. since 1950
  • Corvette Floor Mats, Corvette Cargo Mats and Corvette Trunk Mats
  • Hundreds of licensed Corvette logos from C1-C6 and hundreds
    more trademark, lifestyle and personalized designs for all makes & models
  • Warranty: Five years