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NEW Signature Rubber For C6

This great looking mat for Corvette C6 is the perfect floor protection for every environment. Signature Rubber provides plenty of capacity to capture spills, snow, mud, sand, or any debris tracked into your Corvette. Signature Rubber C6 mats are approved by General Motors and backed by Lloyd’s Five Year Warranty.

Note: Signature Rubber C6 floor mats are available for models from 2005 through “2013 Early” production only, due to mat fastener changes.
Click here to identify the year range of your C6, or to determine if your C6 is “Early 2013” production.

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Ultimat Mats

The Ultimat material was originally designed for automotive use with comfort, performance and durability in mind. Over 30 years later the Ultimat brand is still the best selling, custom fit logo mat in the automotive aftermarket. Featuring premium two-ply Nylon yarn that is more dense and wear-resistant than OEM carpeting, Ultimats provide Corvette owners with great style, function and longevity.

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Velourtex Mats

An outstanding value and popular-priced original equipment replacement mat, with a heavier more dense face than factory mats. Velourtex mats have a silky smooth texture, made of premium Nylon yarn and they feature the same multi-layer backing as the higher priced mat products from Lloyd. Velourtex Mats are available with over 150 licensed Corvette trademarks.

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This premium grade carpet is the thickest, heaviest, deepest pile we can manufacture, with yarn specially Scotchgard treated for stain and soil resistance. LUXE mats are hand-beveled around emblems and the perimeter, creating beautifully finished edges. They are warranted for as long as the original mat buyer keeps the vehicle.

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TruBerber Mats

Enjoy the rich style of Berber carpeting with its complimentary colored “flecked” yarns and large, nubby, loop texture. This specially blended yarn provides the crush and stain resistance of Nylon with the strength and fade-resistance of Polypropylene. The commingled multi-tonal yarns also help hide surface soiling. TruBerber is the heaviest berber style automotive mat available. TruBerber mats provide a unique, practical enhancement for your Corvette.

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Classic Loop

This newest product from Lloyd Mats is an economically priced custom mat that features a unique process whereby the color is added to the liquid polypropylene before the material solidifies and is woven into yarn. This creates a carpet that is inherently fade, stain and soil resistant. It features a low, dense, loop that is extremely wear resistant, allowing Classic Loop mats to be warranted for five years. Lloyd’s signature multi-layer with final TractionBac completes these economically priced custom fit mats.

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These heavy-weight composition rubber mats are ideally suited for use in any climate or environment; beaches, desert, mountains, you name it. Each mat has hundreds of “wells” to hold water, snow, sand, mud, or spills and just hose them off to clean. Rubbertite mats are available in over 10,000 custom, prcision cut patterns for virtually every vehicle sold in the U.S. since the 50’s. Passenger area, trunk, cargo and deck are well protected with Rubbertite mats.

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Lloyd Mats Product Comparison Chart

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Signature Rubber Ultimat LUXE Velourtex TruBerber Classic Loop Rubbertite Protector
Lloyd Mats Feature
Carpet Yarn Type / Mat face material Natural & Synthetic Rubber Blend Continuous Filament Nylon 2 Ply Construction Continuous Filament Nylon 2 Ply Construction Continuous Filament Nylon Polypropylene

/Nylon blended

Polypropylene Composition Rubber/Vinyl Clear Vinyl
Carpet / Mat Face Texture/Construction Molded “Wells” and Sidewalls 2 Ply Cut Pile Cut Pile Cut Pile Loop Loop
Carpet Pile Height 7/16″ 9/16″ 7/16″ 5/16″ 3/16″
Carpet Face Weight (oz/sq.yd.) 32 48 20 48 20
Mat Total Weight (oz/sq.yd.) Heavy Composition Rubber 18 lbs./sq. yd. 75 108 63 104
Mat Thickness 7/16″ Sidewalls 9/16″ 3/4″ 9/16″ 7/16″ 5/16″
Final Backing Layer Molded Rubber Nibs TractionBac high density synthetic rubber TractionBac TractionBac TractionBac TractionBac Molded Nibs Molded Nibs
Logos – Decorative Designs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Anchoring Device (OEM Compatible or Lloyd Fastener) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Binding Material Continuous Cloth Continuous Cloth Woven Polypropylene Continuous Cloth Woven Polypropylene
Warranty Five Years Five Years Lifetime Five Years Five Years Five Years Five Years Five Years