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Lloyd Mats Corvette Mats For Earlier Corvette Generations

Corvette Mats For C6 – 2005-2013

The 6th Generation Corvette was introduced in 2004 as a 2005 model. Virtually all new, including body, suspension, larger passenger compartment and exposed headlamps for the first time since first generation. The most advanced Corvette ever built.

Corvette production models of coupes, convertibles and hardtops included Z06, ZR-1, Grand Sport and Carbon. The total production of 6th generation Corvettes was 215,575.

Lloyd Mats created trademark emblems for all production models including Cross Flags, Corvette Script, Z06-505HP, Grand Sport, ZR-1, Carbon, 60th Anniversary special editions and Corvette Racing “Jake” logos.

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Corvette Mats For C5 – 1997-2004

The 5th Generation Corvette was introduced late as a 1997 model, available only as a coupe, with convertible and fixed roof hardtop debuting the following year. This new new Corvette used very few components from earlier generations and models, which had been the practice for Corvette production in the past. Total C5 production during its eight year run reached 248,715.

Lloyd Mats created trademark emblems of Cross Flags and Corvette Script in five colors, Z06 405HP and 50th Anniversary edition.

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Corvette Mats For C4 – 1984-1996

The 4th Generation Corvette was introduced as a 1984 model after Corvette skipped the 1983 model year due to production quality and build issues with the new model. The 1984 model actually went on sale in March of 1983, making it an extra long sales year and the reason for the high sales numbers of 51,547 cars. Total production for the 13 model years of the 4th generation were 358,180.

Lloyd Mats created trademark emblem designs in distinct Cross Flags for the 1984-1990 and 1991-1996 models, Corvette Script, ZR-1 and Grand Sport emblems

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Corvette Mats For C3 – 1968-1982

The 3rd Generation Corvette represented the longest time span of any Corvette generation and the largest production numbers. A total of 542,861 3rd generation Corvettes were built, over a 14 year time span. We saw the transition from chrome bumpers in 1973 and the longest span without a convertible model from 1975 until the introduction of the 4th generation in 1983, as a 1984 model.

Lloyd Mats created trademark emblems for Cross Flags, Stingray and several versions of the Corvette script lettering.

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Corvette Mats For C2 – 1963-1967

The 2nd Generation Corvette, known as “mid-years” were produced between 1963 and 1967, the shortest production cycle in the history of the brand. This Corvette’s innovations included independent rear suspension, optional 4-wheel disc brakes, hidden headlights and of course the Stingray name.

Annual production began to ramp up in this generation, with 117,964 units produced in its short span.

Lloyd Mats created trademark emblems of the Cross Flags, Stingray script and Corvette Stingray badge.

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Corvette Mats For C1 – 1953-1962

The 1st Generation Corvette was designed as a show car for the 1953 Motorama at the New York Auto Show. The “solid-axle” model began with a limited 300 units produced, beginning June 30, 1953. This generation underwent the greatest design and cosmetic changes during any single Corvette generation. Eventually transforming in 1961 to the trademark four round tail light design, that would continue until introduction of the 2014 Corvette C7.

During its ten year production history, 69,015 units were produced.

Lloyd Mats created trademark emblem designs of the Cross Flags and original Corvette script.

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